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CALM + COAT | Salmon Oil CBD Drops

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Calming Coat Care + Joint Support Drops 

Happy Hounds Calm + Coat Drops are made to help your pets thrive. The Calm + Coat Tincture is both delicious and nutritious. Our Peanut Butter Salmon Oil drops are made from natural calming aids and superfoods to reduce anxiety and improve their health!

  • Salmon Oil:  Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to improve their skin and coat
  • Rosemary: Improve circulation and immune response
  • Valerian Root: Aids in natural calming relief and digestive regulation
  • Turmeric: Eases joint and muscle pain while improving bodily functions

Each bottle of 250mg Full-Spectrum Calming Drops are formulated to lower anxiety and reduce joint + muscle pain. Cats and Canine's alike can enjoy their time alone and retain their spark without turning to traditional pharmaceuticals for anxiety relief.  At Happy Hounds, it's not just a name, we want to see your pet reach their full potential.  

The Peanut Butter Salmon Oil Calming Drops can be easily mixed in at meal time with food or water and our tasty tinctures are perfect for dogs of all sizes. CBD plus Turmeric and Valerian Root help to alleviate inflammation and anti-social behaviors by calming their Cannabinoid receptors. From Anxiety to Joint and Muscle Pain--these tasty tinctures take care of it all. 

At Happy Hounds, it's not just a name, we want to see your pet reach their full potential and they can't do that if they're anxious. So relieve their worries and give them them a natural alternative they will actually enjoy!

Full-Spectrum CBD, Coconut (MCT) Oil, Salmon Oil, Valerian Root Extract, Turmeric, Rosemary, Spanish Essential Oils, Natural and Artificial Flavoring

Each 30 ML bottle contains 250 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. A full dropper contains 8.33 mg of CBD.

We recommend 1 mg per 10 pounds.

Put calming drops in food, water, or under the tongue (if you can manage) Increase dosage as necessary.

CALM + COAT | Salmon Oil CBD Drops





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Our treats are made from plant-based ingredients, we never use fillers or ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Our goal is to improve your Happy Hound's health and wellness

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