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THE SIZZLER | Vegan Hemp Treats

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Our first ingredient is Organic Date Paste, which aids in digestion with Plant-based Superfoods like Chia Seeds and Tahini. The Calm + Joint treats are designed for smaller dogs, at a lower dose, to lower inflammation and calm anxiety and stress . This is especially important for senior dogs, who like humans, need a little extra help as we age. At Happy Hounds CBD, we are raising your pet's quality of life, one treat at a time.

Our Plant-based CBD Chews are formulated to increase mobility and calm in that furry figure are rich in antioxidants to provide longevity and healthy living. The Sizzler is the solution for joint pain and separation anxiety.  Each CBD chew contains 2.5 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD to help your dog thrive! 

Organic Date Paste, Whole Grain Oats, Margarine, Citric Acid, Natural Smokey Bacon Flavor, Dark Brown Sugar, Oat Milk, Chia Seeds, Tahini, Sodium Bicarbonate, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil, Sunflower Lecithin

Each The Sizzler Treat contains 2.5 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.

We recommend 1 MG Per 10 LBS.




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Calming + Wellness

Quality is Baked In

Our treats are made from plant-based ingredients, we never use fillers or ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Our goal is to improve your Happy Hound's health and wellness

Why Happy Hounds?

How are we different?

Our Treats and Tinctures are made with Full-Spectrum CBD and is free of fillers, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients. We do this so your pet can live their best lives


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