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Transform your pets life with human-grade CBD treats for Dogs and Cats to calm anxiety and combat joint pain.

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The Best Calming CBD for Dogs and Cats to Alleviate Anxiety 

Happy Hounds offers CBD pet care made from soothing hemp + human-grade ingredients to help your pets thrive.


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As humans, we know the debilitating effect anxiety can have. While we may not realize it at first, anxiety can also have a severe influence on our animals. Obsessive pacing, panting, licking, and whining are a few tell-tale signs of anxiety in pets, and at Happy Hounds, we have exactly what you need to treat your furry best friend. 

Not only will our CBD treats for dogs and cats help bring back their personality and increase their ability to function, play, and interact with others, but it also helps you live a more productive, worry-free life. 

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The Power of Calm

Happy Hounds began out of of founder, Rianna's vision for the ingredient-rich natural calming treats and tinctures for pets after her childhood dog, a genius Jack Russell named Angel was hit by a car.

After this accident, the smart, spotted terrier was withdrawn and the only option, at that time, was traditional anti-anxiety and pain medication. They robbed Angel of her spunky, hilarious personality.

Today, we have an opportunity to provide pets with natural, real relief with benefits like Salmon Oil, Glucosamine, and Cannabidiol (CBD)

Our line of Calming + products gives pet parents second chance to live their best lives. At Happy Hounds, we believe putting dog moms and dads in the driver's seat only improves your pet's wellness.

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CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

Over 60% of pet parents have reported their dogs and cats experience anxiety. From separation to loud noises we believe your pet's shouldn't stress.

Happy Hounds CBD Pet Treats and Tinctures are scientifically proven to reduce anxious feelings and improve your dog or cat's mood without the pills.

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Happy Hounds is proudly made in the US in an SQF-certified facility. We double lab test each batch to ensure quality and consistency. Your pet's wellness is our highest priority.

Try our best-seller, the Calm + Joint Bacon soft-chews for natural anxiety relief and joint support.

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