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CALM + JOINT | Pet Soft Chews for Hip and Joint Care

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CBD Soft-Chews Hip + Joint Support 

The Calm + Joint Bacon Strips improves mobility and reduces anxious feelings in pets. Happy Hounds hip and joint care chews for dogs are made from human-grade ingredients, like real beef to give calm inflammed joints and provide your pets with the peace they deserve.

Help your pets stay stress-free and your senior dog feel young again. . Our tasty soft-chews cloak your pets with comfort targeting the  inflammation in their hips and joint. Make it easy for them to climb stairs or run and play like when they were a wee little pup! 

Elevate your pet's well-being with Happy Hounds Soft Chews, featuring lab-tested CBD for improved cognition, focus, stress reduction, and enhanced joint and hip care

Unlock the ultimate in pet care and wellness to prioritize your fur baby's health and happiness. Our for CBD-infused soft chews and unlock a new level of vitality for your beloved pets.


For a 10-25 lbs dog or cat we recommend 1 treat per day:

-One half Calm + Joint Bacon Strip in the morning and the other half at bed time. 

For a 30-50 lbs dog, we recommend 2 treats per day

*One 1 Calm + Joint Bacon soft-chew in the morning and 1 at bed time. 

Use Happy Hounds Calm + Joint Bacon Strip soft-chews as needed and adjust dosage as necessary and increase for longer effects. 

The Hip + Joint Care Chews are designed for senior pets, but have been shown to improve mobility for pets going through a tough time. 


Wheat Flour, Soybean Flour, Water, Beef, Full-Spectrum Hemp (CBD), Glycerin, Pork, Natural Smoke Flavor, Bone Phosphate, Potassium Sorbate (used as preservative), Phosphoric Acid, BHA

 Product FAQ:

  • What flavor are the Calm + Joint Bacon Strip Chews?

    • The Bacon Strips are made with human-grade Beef and Pork and have a natural smokey bacon flavor
  • How often can my dog have CBD pet chews?

    • Two treats per day and increase as needed based on dosage and weight (link to dosage chart)
  • At what age can my dog start using Calm + Joint Bacon Strips?

    • We recommend the Calm + Joint chews for 1 year +
  • Are Calm + Joint Chews safe for Cats?

    • Yes, they are human-grade for Cats and Dogs
  • What happens if my dog has too many?

    • If your dog or cat ingests more than the recommended dosage, consult a healthcare professional. 

What's in it?

Wheat Flour, Beef, Soybean Flour. Water, Cannabidiol, Whole Corn, Bacon, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Phosphoric Acid


Each Calm + Joint contains 5 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD.

We recommend 1 MG Per 10 LBS.

CALM + JOINT | Pet Soft Chews for Hip and Joint Care


Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Sobles

CALM + JOINT | Bacon Strips (5mg)

Susan Walter

CALM + JOINT | Bacon Strips (5mg)

Amanda Felmlee
Great option for travel!

I got these to try out not really expecting my dogs to LOVE the taste, as it sometimes can be challenging to get them to eat CBD treats. Not these! I will also needed an option for travel, as sometimes you risk the oil leaking in your bag. I can just pop these in the dogs overnight bag when we travel. I also love that they are third party independently tested! Thank you for a wonderful product.

These treats are great

I keep these chews at the ready for my cat and dog. We travel a lot in the summer and they are so helpful to keep them both chill in the car. It can get a little wild back their with them both getting anxious.

The best CBD treats

My dog loves these and they have really helped her get around. They smell so good and since my dog is only 26 lbs I break them in half.





Calming + Wellness

Quality is Baked In

Our treats are made from plant-based ingredients, we never use fillers or ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Our goal is to improve your Happy Hound's health and wellness

Why Happy Hounds?

How are we different?

Our Treats and Tinctures are made with Full-Spectrum CBD and is free of fillers, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients. We do this so your pet can live their best lives


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