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Calm + Coat | Salmon Oil CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

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The Best Calming Peanut Butter for Dogs

Calm your dog or cat's separation anxiety with the the best drops for natural relief and hydrating coat care. The nourishing pet care drops are the solution to chronic skin and coat inflammation to help your pet's stay cool, calm, and collected.

Improve your pet's skin-care routine and calm your dog's separation anxiety in one fell swoop. Crafted with Salmon Oil and Turmeric, embark on a journey to pet wellness. Made for pet parents on the go, the drops help to eliminate fear of fireworks in less than 30 minutes.

Happy Hounds pet tinctures relieve separation anxiety with actual benefits for long-term wellness including hydration and skin care. Improve your pet's skin-care routine and calm your dog's separation anxiety in one fell swoop. 

Using the Calm + Coat Drops for Anxious Pets:

If separation anxiety is a major concern, we recommend using the drops thirty minutes before leaving the house. They are also a huge help in social situations to tame reactivity while providing inflammation relief.

Whether you're going to the dog park or boarding them overnight, Happy Hounds drops give your pets the tools to stay calm with omega-3 fatty acids from Salmon Oil and human-grade antioxidants for shinier coats and less reactive dogs and cats. 

Ideal for dogs of all sizes, you can customize the dose for your dog or cat based on weight and need. They can be easily mixed in at meal time, the drops can be put in dry kibble or wet food to keep your cats or dogs enriched and relaxed for up to 6 hours. 

Our delicious tinctures are enriched to provide your pets with the dual benefit of relief and wellness.

Our Pledge to Pets Parents 

We are on a mission to give your pets the comfort they deserve with human-grade ingredients and premium CBD. At Happy Hounds, our commitment your pet's wellness is unwavering. Each bottle of our Calm + Coat drops are third-party lab tested to ensure quality and consistency. We pledge to provide natural stress-relief, using only the best ingredients, for your pets. 

    Product FAQ:

    • How many servings are in each Calm + Coat Drops?
      • 30 servings per bottle
    • How to dose the Drops?
      • We recommend 1mg per 10 lbs.
      • Under 40 LBS, use 1/2 half dropper and over 40 lbs use 1 full dropper 
    • How does the Calm + Coat Drops help my dog’s skin care?
      • The drops are rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids that directly improves your pet’s skin health
    • How do the Calm + Coat Drops help with inflammation?
      • They improve your dog or cat's wellness routine with antioxidants for inflamed skin and joints with Turmeric and Salmon Oil

    The Best CBD Oil for Pet Allergies

    Alaskan Salmon OilOmega-3 rich fatty acids to reduce inflammation from allergies

    Human-Grade Turmeric: A powerful antioxidant to improve longevity and vigor for senior dogs and cats

    Organic Rosemary:  A catalyst for enhanced circulation to fortify pet immunity for a strong defense against allergies

    Valerian Root: A natural calming agent that helps to calm digestion and improving regularity for a healthier gut

    Hemp Oil: Full-Spectrum CBD to calm separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, and relieve hip and joint inflammation

    Inactive Ingredients:

    Spanish Essential Oils, Natural and Artificial Flavoring

    Each 30 ML bottle contains 250 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. A full dropper contains 8.33 mg of CBD.

    We recommend 1 mg per 10 pounds.

    Put calming drops in food, water, or under the tongue (if you can manage) Increase dosage as necessary.

    Calm + Coat | Salmon Oil CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats


    Eliminate Anxiety + Itching

    Pet Allergy Relief

    Our Calm + Coat Drops are formulated for pet's in mind. Soothe inflamed, red, or dry skin with Turmeric, Salmon Oil, Hemp, and Valerian Root.

    Rich in antioxidants, Turmeric improves coat health by boosting their immunity to safeguard against seasonal allergies and inflammation.


    vet-approved ingredients

    Skin + Coat

    omega-3 rich formula


    premium hemp relief

    Lab Tested

    third-party analysis

    Our Commitment to Parents

    The Difference

    Happy Hounds combines human-grade ingredients to soothe anxious dogs and cats because calm minds learn, play + live, better.

    Your dog's well-being is our top priority with tasty, easy to use cbd oil for real pet relief.


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