The Happy Hounds Story

Our Passion for Pups

Happy Hounds began out of our founder, Rianna's vision for the ingredient-rich solutions for cats and dogs after her childhood dog, a genius Jack Russell named Angel was hit by a car.

After this traumatic accident, her smart spotted terrier was withdrawn, anxious, and even aggressive at times. While using traditional medications Angel's personality went from okay to comatose. The side effects, long-term, were unbearable for her fur baby.

Today, we have an opportunity to provide pets with natural relief from separation anxiety and joint pain. Our line of Calm + CBD Pet Care products give pets a second chance to live happier, healthier lives free from anxiety + fear.

At Happy Hounds, we believe putting dog moms and dads in the driver's seat with natural benefits is the key to pet wellness.

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How does CBD Work?

Pets, like humans, have an Endocannabinoid system that regulates their nervous system, mood, and mobility. The cannabinoids in CBD bind to their twin receptors to regulate and heal.

How long until CBD takes effect?

Treats take about 30-45 minutes to metabolize in your pet's tummy

Tinctures are quicker at about 20-25 minute wait time.

Especially when mixed into food or water.

How are Tinctures dosed?

We recommend 1mg for every 10 lbs. Depending on the dosage of drops you select, each full dropper contains 8.33 for (250 mg) tinctures. This would be sufficient for an 80 lb dog and .50 mL is effective for dogs 40 lbs and under.


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