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Zoom The Calm Drops | Extra-Strength Anxiety Relief for Dogs
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The Calm Drops | Extra-Strength Anxiety Relief for Dogs

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The Top-Rated Calming Drops for Pets

Welcome to a realm of premium CBD wellness for your beloved pets. At Happy Hounds, we take immense pride in delivering the highest-quality in holistic wellness tailored to enhance your pet's well-being.

Our Calm Drops undergo meticulous double lab-testing, ensuring that your cherished pets receive nothing but the absolute best.

Your pet's wellness is our priority, and we go the extra mile to guarantee top-notch quality in every drops. For us, your dog's reactivity or anxious feelings are never beyond repair! We think every dog has a chance at living a happier, fuller life.


"The Calm Drops are a game changer for my dog, she used to be so anxious on long road trips. So glad we found these"- (Michelle & Shazzy, Manhattan, NY)

Long gone are the days of struggling to find a solution for your dog's arthritis and joint pain. The Calm Drops help to reduce inflammation and anxious feelings without all the pills, props, and endless hours. 

Our CBD Oil for Pets is both tasteless and highly effective for natural anxiety relief. At Happy Hounds CBD, we only use human-grade ingredients and double-lab test our drops because fillers are for your face, not your dog's food. 

"The Best in Pet Care"- British Vogue

Voted by British Vogue for the best new pet care and wellness brands, we make calm pet parents rely on. They are a holistic and fast-acting calming solution for anxious pets-taking effect in just 30 minutes. 


Easily added to food or their favorite treat--the extra-strength calm drops are the best in natural stress relief for road trips, boarding, or the general separation anxiety they experience when you leave the house. Our holistic approach reduce your pet's stress and reactivity 

Our care for quality extends to our product analysis, which is why we put our COA (Certificate of Analysis) on our website.  

How the Calm Drops Can Help?

For pets that are prone to separation anxiety can exhibit destructive behaviors or reactivity. Long gone are the days of struggling to find a solution.   Our drops can reduce your cat's stress at the groomer or dog's reactivity at the park. 

Dogs and Cats have one of the most sensitive endocannabinoid systems (ECS) in the Animal Kingdom. Happy Hounds CBD formulates for this evolutionary  connection between your pets and our planet. 

Unlock calming relief based on your pet's rhythm with natural wellness. 

How does CBD Help Pets?

Senior dogs can benefit the most from CBD oil formulated to calm inflammed joints. We use Hemp Seed Oil for its richness in fatty-acids that nourish the skin and improve circulation.

Calm Drops Ingredients 

  1. (MCT) Coconut Oil: Found in mother nature, the fruit from the tropical tree aids in a healthy digestion. Coconut Oil has a variety of benefits for your pet's gut and skin care routine. 
  2. Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Hemp Seed Oil works wonders for a healthier skin and coat. 
  3. Cannabidiol (CBD): Calming for stress and anxious feelings from separation to vet visits and grooming appointments

How to Use

Add the Calm Drops to Food, Water, Licky Mats, and your pet's favorite treats.

It is easily absorbed in peanut butter, wet and dry food, or added to enrichment toys to enhance your dog or cat's enrichment.


Only 3 Ingredients

Coconut Oil, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil, and Hempseed Oil


How to Dose Calm?

The Calm Drop Extra Strength drops are 500mg of CBD Oil for Pets.

We recommend 1mg per 10 lbs.

One full dropper contains 16.67mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD for up to a 160 lb Dog.

For Dogs and Cats: 0-50 lbs, use 1/4 dropper.

For Dogs over 50 lbs, use 1/2 dropper.

For Dogs from 75-120 lbs, use full dropper.

The Best CBD for Dog Anxiety

Calm + Clean

The Calm Drops are formulated to soothe your dog's anxiety and relieve inflammation in your pet's gut + joints.

Our CBD oil for dog anxiety is made from three ingredients: Hemp, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and that's it!


high-quality ingredients

Hip + Joint Care

reduce inflammation

Reduce Anxiety

fast-acting stress relief


third party tested

The Happy Hounds Ethos

How are we different?

The Calm Drops are sustainably sourced, locally made and free of fillers, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients. Our tinctures are the best over the counter remedy for anxiety relief and joint support.

At Happy Hounds, we believe your pets deserve a fighting start to their wellness journey so they can stay stress-free.


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