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Calm + Joint | Bacon Strips for Dog Joint Support

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CBD Soft-Chews for Hip + Joint Support 

The Calm + Joint Bacon Strips provides calming joint support for dogs and helps to reduce anxiety and arthritic hip and joint pain. Happy Hounds CBD for dog joint care are made from human-grade ingredients. 

Real Beef and protein plus hemp helps to relax inflamed joints and give your pets with the peace they deserve!


Help your pets stay stress-free and your senior dog feel young again. . Our tasty soft-chews cloak your pets with comfort targeting the  inflammation in their hips and joint.

Make it easier for your dog to run, climb stairs, and play like when they were a puppy by addressing their 

Unlock the ultimate in pet care and wellness to prioritize your fur baby's health and happiness. Our for CBD-infused soft chews and unlock a new level of vitality for your beloved cats and canines.

Elevate your pet's well-being with Happy Hounds Soft Chews, featuring lab-tested CBD for improved cognition, focus, stress reduction, and enhanced joint and hip care.


For a 10-25 lbs dog or cat we recommend 1 treat per day:

-One half Calm + Joint Bacon Strip in the morning and the other half at bed time. 

For a 30-50 lbs dog, we recommend 2 treats per day

1 Calm + Joint Bacon soft-chew in the morning and 1 at bed time. 

Use the Calm + Joint Bacon Strip soft-chews twice daily or as needed. You can easily adjust dosage for specific needs like flights or boarding by providing an extra treat or breaking them in half. 

For large and senior dogs, the Calm + Joint chews are a delicious and easy way to maintain healthy joints and lower inflammation. There is a link between your dog's anxiety and arthritic pain. Happy Hounds Bacon Strips are a game changer for natural, effective pet stress relief. 


Wheat Flour, Soybean Flour, Water, Beef, Full-Spectrum Hemp (CBD), Glucosamine, Glycerin, Pork, Natural Smoke Flavor, Bone Phosphate, Potassium Sorbate (used as preservative), Phosphoric Acid, BHA

 Product FAQ:

  • What flavor are the Calm + Joint Bacon Strip Chews?

    • The Bacon Strips are made with human-grade Beef and Pork and have a natural smokey bacon flavor
  • How often can my dog have CBD pet chews?

    • Two treats per day and increase as needed based on dosage and weight (link to dosage chart)
  • At what age can my dog start using Calm + Joint Bacon Strips?

    • We recommend the Calm + Joint chews for 1 year +
  • Are Calm + Joint Chews safe for Cats?

    • Yes, they are human-grade for Cats and Dogs
  • What happens if my dog has too many?

    • Promptly consult a healthcare professional

What's in it?

Wheat Flour, Beef, Soybean Flour. Water, Cannabidiol, Whole Corn, Bacon, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Phosphoric Acid


Each Calm + Joint contains 5 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD.

We recommend 1 MG Per 10 LBS.

Calm + Joint | Bacon Strips for Dog Joint Support



vet-approved ingredients

Joint Support

inflammation buster

Stress Relief

calming hemp care


third-party analysis

Improve Your Dog's Mobility

Hip + Joint Support

Arthritis and hip dysplasia can limit your dog from reaching their full potential. The soft-chews reduce the inflammation that causes joint pain, arthritis, and hip degeneration.

Our CBD dog treats bind to their CB1 receptors to calm the signal for pain, providing crucial support for achy joints to improve mobility and provide long-term wellness for your fur baby!

About us

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Calm + Joint Bacon Strips

Use this to answer some common questions you hear from your customers. You could discuss product details, size fit, shipping policies, or anything you think would help merchants make an informed decision about your products. This section will appear across all products.

Our Ethos

The Happy Hounds Difference

Happy Hounds is sustainably sourced, made in the US, and free of fillers, chemicals, and harmful ingredients. We believe for your pets to truly thrive, it starts with how they consume + find calm.

Our pet care products are designed to improve their mood, mobility, and cognition.


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