Can CBD Help Anxious Dogs?


How does Hemp help Anxious Pets?

By: Rianna Young & Pam Chmiel

 If you have ever come home to an over-excitement, torn up shoes, and a generally distressed Doggo--you are going to want to keep reading...Dogs are prone to stress and reactivity, thankfully there are solutions that are natural and delicious, specifically CBD Treats and Tinctures. Hemp has grown in popularity in the past few years due to the various health issues it may help leading pet parents trying CBD on their dogs to help with health issues such as managing separation anxiety.

But does CBD help in the mitigation of your dog's separation anxiety?

In this post, I will walk through what separation anxiety is and the signs of separation anxiety in dogs. Can CBD help to keep your dogs calm? What the science says and whether you should consider using CBD for your dogs stress-related behaviors. Let's start by defining what is going on in their heads when we leave.

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What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs & Cats?

It is the distress of a dog, being separated from its owner or closest companion for one reason or another. Our pets love us and leaving them alone, especially in the post-Covid world when they were used to constant TLC. Therefore, your canine companion is not a happy hound when you leave them home alone. Thus their owner's departure often causes dogs to be in a state of worry and distress.

Separation anxiety cases that are referred to animal behavior clinics in North America account for 20 to 40% of all cases. And up to 50% of all dogs have expressed separation anxiety related signs at least once in their lifetime. You are not alone with But what causes separation anxiety?

There is no a single factor you can pinpoint that leads to your dog developing separation anxiety. However, certain situations may be a trigger. 

In 2016, researchers reviewed reports that dogs obtained from animal
shelters, or those that are found, are more likely to develop separation-related anxiety. Of the dogs entering shelters, approximately 40% were said to have displayed some sort of behavioral issue that contributed to the owner’s decision to surrender the animal. Therefore you have a cycle of dogs in animal shelters experiencing separation anxiety that is unfortunately not addressed.

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The Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

A dog with separation anxiety will exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Too much barking and growling
  • Panting and drooling more than usual
  • Restlessness and pacing around the house
  • Escape attempts which can result in injury 
  • Trembling and whining
  • Excessive licking or chewing on themselves
  • Destructive behavior such as biting, scratching your belonging
  • When the owner arrives home, the dog constantly follows him around
  • Mood swings which are usually an increase in excitement 
  • Pooping, vomiting, or peeing in the house despite being potty trained
  • Extreme shyness or aggression

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Therefore you should monitor their stressors and triggers behavior, and if they are showing these signs, they are most likely experiencing a form of anxiety.

Does CBD for Dogs With Separation Anxiety Work?

A study published in the Journal Frontiers in Animal Neuroscience found that a strain of cannabidiol (CBD) could help alleviate the symptoms. 

The study described the effect of CBD on the fear and anxiety response of dogs. And in both dogs and other species, oral CBD administration was well-tolerated. Also, CBD has been shown to reduce anxious behaviors in mouse, rat, and human models. Therefore, researchers found that CBD reduced separation-related stress responses in dogs.

Another study on laboratory animals investigated the anxiety-creating (anxiogenic) or anxiety-extinguishing (anxiolytic) effects of D9-THC, CBDA, and CBD in rats. THC was found to be anxiogenic, whereas both CBD and CBDA exhibited anxiolytic effects. Hence CBD may help reduce your dog’s separation anxiety and give you a longer leash (pun intended) when leaving them alone or bringing them along when running errands, traveling, or inviting friends and family to your home. 

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence advocating CBD use for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. The word anecdotal is defined as something that is based on personal experience. A survey of over 1,000 dog owners recruited on social media showed that almost 80% of the owners surveyed had purchased Hemp or CBD products for their dogs to relieve anxiety and alleviate a multitude of other health conditions. Many also indicated that they believed Hemp products were more effective than conventional medications. Based on the personal experience of pet parents, it may be worth trying CBD (treats and tinctures) if your
dog is anxious when left alone. But remember, your vet is an expert in animal care, so speak to them first!

Should You Use CBD for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Yes, you can since CBD shows potential in alleviating separation anxiety in dogs. but you have to ensure that your CBD products are of high quality. So if you are a dog parent considering CBD for your pet, you can count on Happy Hounds CBD for reliable, safe, and easy to use products to ease their stress. 

In addition to using CBD for dogs with separation anxiety, you can implement other strategies that may help including: 

  • Start with short absences and work your way up. If you push your pup too hard, they will get frustrated and become stressed
  • Hire a dog sitter if you plan to go out for long periods
  • Regular exercise helps due to its relaxing effects
  • Do not punish and scold your dog for being anxious 


Giving your dog a dose of hemp when they have separation anxiety should help with their emotional state, and of course, it will make both of your lives much easier and happier--which is the entire purpose of finding relief. Your separation from your dog will now be less stressful without worry. Leaving the house without  worrying about your dog destroying the house, escaping, or having to crate them. 

So, you can use CBD for dogs with separation anxiety, but it is also crucial to consult your veterinarian on using CBD for pets.

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