How Can Hemp Help Senior Pets?

Can Hemp Benefit Your Senior Pets?


When you really love your pets it is difficult to see them suffer at any age, but age-related stressors can be extremely painful. Sometimes the signs are clear like a loss of appetite or teeth, while cognitive delays and joint pain may be less obvious, until they are chronic. While nothing can turn back the clock, CBD can help your older cats and canines thrive through the aging process.  

The Benefits of CBD for Senior Pets

In this article, we will explore how CBD oil calms older pets and can help to improve mobility, appetite, cognition, immunity and calm anxious feelings that can result from age-related stressors.

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How Do Your Pets Experience Aging?

Our pets do not tell us when they are in pain. In fact, it is in their nature to hide or overcompensate for their physical ailments. Since they cannot tell us, but there are signs if we know what we are looking for. A slower walk, eating less often or lowered appetite, and the inability to do things you know they truly enjoy. 

As a senior pet owner, there is a lot of talk on the street (i.e dog park, day care, and maybe even your Vet’s office) about CBD for your seasoned pup. Between anecdotal evidence and your fellow pet parent’s reviews, what are the actual benefits for aging pets? Let’s dig into the science behind CBD and how it works to enhance the longevity of your pet. 

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is an extract from the hemp plant with thousands of compounds that improve cognition, appetite, sleep, mood, and mobility. In helping with these aforementioned areas, this magical plant is perfect for pet owners that want natural, effective relief so their pets 

The most common health issues in senior pets are not so different from people. In fact, as mammals we share a lot of DNA with our canine and feline family members. Let’s address the six elephants in the room that have the most impact on their day to day life.

Common Health Issues in Senior Dogs

  • Dental Decay
  • Cognitive Delay
  • Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Aggression & Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders

Dental Decay in Dogs & Cats 


Dental decay, more commonly known as tooth and gum disease, are amongst the most pernicious impacts of aging pets. They do not tell us when they are in pain. In fact, it is in your dog’s nature to hide or over compensate for their physical ailments so we have to look for the signs. A major sign of dental decay and disease is a weak or drooping mouth, frequently dropping their food while eating or chewing, a loss of appetite, bad breath, and the inability to . If your dog’s breath is unusually bad with plaque and tartar build up then that could be a sign of inflamed gums. Taken together, it can cause bleeding gums–a sign of periodontal disease that should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention.

There are many benefits that can reduce the symptoms and side effects. One of the  ways to reduce inflammation along your pet’s gumline is to rub CBD oil on their gums or add it to their favorite treats or lickymat treat. By rubbing CBD Oil along the gum line or simply adding to wet food, treats, or their favorite peanut butter–the analgesic properties can help to lower swelling and nerve pain.  

Dental plaque is a build up of biofilm that forms on the teeth and acts as a reservoir for different microbes. It is the root cause for several dental problems and diseases, including cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and tooth loss. They tend to go hand in hand or paw in paw in our case.

Reducing plaque build up early on is effective, but not all pets, especially rescues, are under our care since day one. One study found that cannabinoids (CBD) can be just as effective in reducing bacterial colony counts in dental plaques than other forms of synthetic dental care. It is recommended to add CBD to your current regimen to boost the plaque fighting power and calm the inflammation that can result from the all too common gum disease that our pets tend to experience. 

Your dog may be frequently dropping their food while eating or chewing. If your dog’s breath is unusually bad with plaque and tartar build up then you should consider a dental regimen. Taken together, inflammation can cause bleeding gums–a sign of periodontal disease. This should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention. While Cannabidiol (CBD) can be effective in reducing pain and inflammation, a professional should be consulted to get to the root of your pet’s dental concerns. 

We recommend rubbing CBD oil along your pet’s gumline,  lightly coating a dental treat or stick with pet drops, or simply giving them a CBD soft chew. If untreated, your cat or dog’s nerve pain can lead to a decrease in appetite and malnutrition. Senior dogs and cats already experience a lowered appetite, which can be exacerbated by a painful chewing experience. 

Age-Related Anxiety & Aggression in Cats and Canines 

As your dog or cat ages they tend to become more calm and relaxed–especially when they are out of the puppy stage and into adulthood. For senior cats and canines, the aging process can be confusing with new aches and pains can make them feel weak.

Hemp Can Provide Better Sleep for Pets

Is your dog waking you up way earlier than they should? Sleep is not only when our body repairs itself, but helps to organize your pets mind, provide a better mood throughout the day, and help to maintain a healthy metabolism and response to outward stimuli. 

Senior pets can develop a disturbed sleeping pattern or be unable to sleep through the night. The four major sleep disorders in dogs are sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, and REM behavior disorder. 

Sleep Apnea is common among bigger dogs and those in need of weight control and support. With obesity being common among cats and canines, interrupted sleep and breathing are noticeable side effects. 

Unlike sleep apnea, Narcolepsy has very clear signs. From unexpected losses of consciousness to sudden collapses, a drooping spine, rapid eye movement, or a lack of activity and sleeping during the day instead of night. A healthy dog sleeps close to 15 hours per day and waking up in the middle of the night is normal, but a noticeable difference in sleep pattern can be a sign of distress or pain. 

Full-Spectrum CBD with CBN, a minor cannabinoid, can provide your pets with restful sleep. CBN can be found in all of our Full-Spectrum products, including the Calm + Coat Salmon Oil, Turmeric, and CBD Oil for cats and canines. Our human-grade pet products are perfect for senior pets looking for relief that can be easily added to wet or soft food. 

Happy Hounds Calm + Joint Bacon Strips are the best CBD chews for senior dogs and cats because they are soft and can be broken up to dose throughout the day. Made with real beef, the soft chews taste like a Sunday morning and can be easily eaten for pets with trouble chewing or appetite and caloric intake. 

The Best CBD Treats for Joint and Muscle Pain 

Improving Cognition

Senior pets can experience dementia and a cloudy cognition as they grow older. CBD has been shown to improve memory manipulation (i.e. memory recall and application). For pets, experiencing age-related memory loss or dementia can be difficult. The signs of dementia in dogs often called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is very similar to Alzheimer's in humans. 

The symptoms of CCD or dementia in dogs includes increased anxiety, hiding from activities or toys they used to enjoy, the inability to recognize family members, defecating and urinating indoors after being housebroken, and barking for no reason. If your dog is looking or barking at you like a stranger then it may be time to speak with your veterinarian. 

Studies have shown promising results when using CBD, with CBG, for focus. CBG, a minor cannabinoid found in Full-Spectrum CBD has been shown to improve cognition and focus in pets and humans. 

While there is an obvious physical toll aging plays on your pet’s body, the impact to their mental and emotional health is just as important. Cognitive delays in dogs and cats can lead to increased aggression and anxiety because they cannot recognize their parents or surroundings. Dogs and Cats are used to routine and familiarity and do not know the reason they are anxious or confused is a natural progression of aging. 

Dosage & Use 

How much CBD should you give your senior dog?

Considering your dog’s weight, tolerance to medications, and eating schedule is one of the best ways to determine dose. We recommend 1 mg of CBD per 10 lbs for pets when you are starting out. Pet parents can always increase the dosage, as needed for twice per day. 

How often do you give CBD to your Senior dog?

The onset for CBD Oil for pets is about 40 minute, while treats need to digest and can take up to an hour. It is best to dose preventatively and according to their needs. 

How Long Does CBD Last in Dogs and Cats?

The effects of CBD for pets lasts between 4-6 hours. Twice per day is an adequate dose for an older dog or cat. Depending upon severity of issues or need, some dogs may need a higher dose to feel the same effects. CBD needs to build up in your pets system over time and continued dosage for up to 1 month can show positive long-term effects.  

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