Treats vs. Tinctures: What types of CBD are right for your pets?


Treats vs. Tinctures: How to find the right Calm for your pets

By: Green State Report 

You’ve probably heard about the hype on how CBD for dogs can potentially aid dogs in many ways, just like it does for humans. From potentially supporting pain management, inflammation, and even allergies, cannabidiol has recently been treated as an ally to dogs all around the US.

That said, owners might feel intimidated between choosing oil or treats to give their dogs, especially if they’ve never taken hemp at all. This is why we’ve gathered the most important insights you have to know when talking about CBD, dogs, and the two most popular ways of giving them this cannabinoid: oil and treats.

So if you want to know the outcome of CBD oil vs treats for dogs, you can explore in the article below how they work, the differences between both methods, how much CBD to give your pup, and of course, some of our favorite products.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil for dogs is basically a cannabidiol extract that has no other products but  carrier oil and dog-safe ingredients.
  • You can also try CBD chews to give to your dog if you feel like they are going to be more welcome to try CBD that way.
  • Cannabidiol is generally safe to use with pups. Just make sure to check the other ingredients of the product.
  • CBD can potentially aid your dog in many ways, including aiding with joint pain, anxiety, stress, and even epilepsy.

What is CBD Oil For Dogs?

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Let’s break down this question into two parts. First, let’s tackle CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound in hemp. It’s minimally psychoactive, and interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous network.

Now, let’s talk about the oil and dog part. CBD can be processed into an extract used in a dog-safe carrier oil. But let’s explore how that works for our furry friends.

How CBD Oil Works for Dogs

CBD oil dog treats work similarly to how CBD works for us. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating some bodily functions like appetite, pain, and mood. By aiding this part of the nervous system, it can help with inflammation and other symptoms.

How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

Giving CBD oil dog treats to your furry friend is no rocket science. You can either have a few drops in your buddy’s mouth or gently mix it with their kibble or food. Make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging and always start with a small amount to see how your dog reacts first.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD oil, in general, is safe for use in canine friends. We’ll talk about this further down in the article, but just make sure that the ingredients are dog-safe and follow the dosing instructions accordingly.

What are CBD Soft Chews for Dogs?

To put it simply, these are dog-safe products that are infused with CBD oil. Some owners prefer this method as it can help them “disguise” the herbal taste while making it easier for the pup to consume the cannabidiol.

These come in all shapes and sizes, from small bone-shaped treats to bacon nuggets that your dog will probably want a bite or two from. Basically, these products are chewable and turn CBD into an enrichment experience.

You can find these in different formulas as well, but most of them will have broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Cannabidiol extracts can be sorted out in three types of formulas in general:

  • Full Spectrum: Has THC traces and other cannabinoids.
  • Broad Spectrum: No THC traces, has other cannabinoids.
  • CBD Isolate: This extract only has pure CBD.

When looking at CBD chews, we’d go for broad spectrum and CBD isolates, but make sure to check on this with your veterinarian before giving your pup a hemp-based treat.

The highest quality CBD treats for dogs are Full-Spectrum because they contain minor cannabinoids like CBDA and CBDG, which have been shown to improve your pet's quality of life.  

How do Hemp-based Soft Chews Work for Dogs?

Thinking of giving your pup some dog CBD but need to know how it works? We’ve got you covered. CBD for dogs just tells their nervous system to calm down and stop freaking out, while also regulating the “danger” signals of their body. It’s like giving them a virtual pat on the back and saying, “hey, it’s all good”

Now, you might be wondering what’s better, CBD oil vs treats for dogs. Well, it depends on your puppy’s preferences and the method you’d prefer to take. If they’re a fussy eater, CBD oil might be a pain to give them, and adding it to food can make your dog suspicious.

But as far as CBD treats are concerned, these bad boys come in many different flavors that your dog will probably prefer, like bacon and peanut butter. They’re like a snack and medicine rolled into one, which makes things easier for you and your pup to eat.

The best part is that CBD treats may be just as effective as CBD oil. They’re designed to provide the same benefits, such as relieving pain and anxiety. So, whether you’re team oil or treats, CBD will be as effective. Just make sure you’re getting a safe and top-quality product for your fur baby, and triple-check that the ingredient list is safe for them because, let’s face it, they deserve nothing but the best.

How to Give Your Dog CBD Treats

Okay, so you’re sold on the benefits of CBD for dogs. But how do you get your fur baby to actually take it? Many CBD treats come in flavors that dogs love, like bacon, peanut butter, salmon, and even meat. Yum!

But before you go crazy and start feeding your doggo CBD treats like candy, talk to your vet first. They can help you figure out the right dosage based on your dog’s body weight and whether or not CBD is even a good choice for them, especially if your furry companion has arthritis or other chronic condition.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead from your vet, you can start giving your dog CBD treats as part of their playtime routine. Break the chews up and add them to their food, or give them small pieces to try out. 

Just make sure you’re not treating the CBD for dogs like medicine, or your pup might start to think they’re getting something gross instead of something tasty. We don’t want that as that could condition them to stop liking treats, so try keeping it like an enrichment activity as you’d do with other chews.

Is It Safe to Give Dogs CBD Treats?

Generally speaking, yes, CBD dog treats are safe to give to your dogs. However, when choosing CBD for your dog, it’s essential to check the ingredients. Remember, less is more because some additives might mess with our pups. A few brands out there use colorants, additives, and other things like artificial flavors that are safe for humans but not for pups.

Keep in mind that the dose you give to your doggo can definitely impact how effective it can be. Some bigger breeds or dogs, in general, might require a heftier CBD potency, while others might be better off with a more petite treat.

Before giving your pup any CBD, make sure to ask your vet if it’s a good idea. And whatever you do, don’t give them your human CBD oil. It could have stuff like THC or other cannabinoids that won’t have the same effect on them as it does on you, including chemicals like additives or colorants.

5 Ways Hemp May Help Your Dog

We’ve covered the differences between CBD oil and treats for dogs, but how can they actually help our dog companions? Most users seek out CBD to deal with some problems, like joint pain, epilepsy, seizures, or even allergies. Let’s have a quick look at some of these potential ways CBD can help your pooch.

Dogs With Joint Problems

First up, is joint support. As our fur babies age, they may start feeling the aches and pains that come with joint problems, putting a serious damper on their fetch game. But, CBD could have a solution for this. 

With the potential to provide some relief for dogs with osteoarthritis, which can cause some gnarly joint pain, CBD is like the doggy equivalent of a hot bath and a massage. According to this 2014 study, cannabidiol might be able to improve their comfort levels, meaning they can get back to zooming around the park or at least get some needed rest at their age.

Dogs with Anxiety

Another great benefit of dog CBD is aiding with certain anxiety symptoms. Dogs can get just as stressed out as humans. Their stress might not be related to issues in their 9-5 or a cheating spouse, but it’s stress nonetheless. CBD dog treats can help calm them down by reducing stress signals in their bodies. So next time your pup is feeling anxious, break out the treats and let them chow down.

Dogs With Seizures And Epilepsy

Dogs with epilepsy and seizures can also potentially benefit from CBD dog treats. While more research is needed, early studies suggest CBD can reduce seizure frequency in epileptic dogs. Plus, by helping them relax, dogs with these conditions can feel supported with CBD as a complementary part of their treatment.

Dogs In Pain

Generally speaking, CBD has the potential to aid with pain thanks to its pharmacological characteristics. Cannabidiol is a sedative and analgesic agent that can potentially support pain management. Studies like this one showed progress in helping an all-natural alternative to aid with pain management in canine populations.

Dogs With Allergies

Now, remember how we talked about CBD being an anti-inflammatory agent? When dogs have allergies, most reactions are due to histamine released into their bodies. This study suggests that cannabidiol could act as a suppressant of mast cells. 

In simpler terms, it means it could potentially prevent histamine from being released, which is even better than just giving your pup anti-allergic medicine. Furthermore, this could help your dog with topical inflammation like bug bites or generally if they feel queasy or tired due to allergens acting up.

CBD Oil vs CBD Treats for Dogs: Which Is Better?

This debate comes down to which one is better for your own dogs and how they react to CBD. Some dogs won’t have any trouble having some dog CBD oil in their kibble, while others will be a little too suspicious of the taste.

CBD Oil is quicker to absorb, but in general, it can be a little difficult to get your dog to eat it all if used on their food, or it can be messy if you try to squirt the oil directly on their mouth. Treats are a lot friendlier with both your dog and the general dynamic, but they can take their time to work.

Our recommendation is that after getting a clear green light from your vet, try whichever adapts to your lifestyle first. Or if you can go for it, we’d have both for chronic pain or cases that might need a stronger solution.

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