How to Dose CBD for Dogs during the Holidays


How to Dose CBD for Dogs during the Holidays 

Unwrap Tranquility: A Comprehensive Guide to CBD Dosing for Your Pup's Holiday Stress

By: Tess Marty 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • How to Use CBD for Anxious Dogs
  • Holiday Stressors for Pets
  • Treats vs Tinctures
  • Timing and Response
  • Dosing and Weight
  • Re-Administering
  • Conclusion

The holiday season is a time of joy, but for our pets, it can also stir up some overwhelming feelings with all of the different stressors. Discovering the right CBD dosage can be your gift to your pet to help them find serenity amidst the festivities and enjoy their time with loved ones. 


The holiday magic this year may lie in Cannabidiol's potential to alleviate stress. Happy Hounds soft-chew treats and oil tinctures can offer a sense of calm and balance during the bustling season.

Holiday Stressors for Pets 

Guests Coming Over:


The in-and-out of guests entering and bringing bags of gifts can be quite overwhelming. Your pets are probably used to a pretty calm routine, and the opening and closing of doors can make them overstimulated, even if it’s mainly excitement. Making sure coats are hung up, shoes are in the mudroom, and guests are settled can cause us to forget that our dogs just went from peace and quiet to a full house.

It may be helpful to keep them on leash or in a different room for their (and your guests’) safety. Be sure to tell your guests to keep an eye out if they’re opening doors or putting down gifts that may contain something dangerous (like chocolate!). Also be aware if your pet is the type to “help” open gifts. 

Additionally, don’t underestimate decompression time! It can help your dog to take everything in and calm themselves before being added back to festivities. If you’re traveling, make sure you give them that same decompression time when you get to your destination.

Pack some anti-stress items in your bag—a licki mat or kong, their favorite toy or something that smells like home, and your CBD.Enrichment is shown to reduce stress in dogs by tapping into their natural instincts. While your dog may like traveling and coming with you, the commotion of holiday gatherings may be more than they’re used to, and more overwhelming when they get to the destination.

While your dog may like traveling and coming with you, the commotion of holiday gatherings may be more than they’re used to, and more overwhelming when they get to the destination.


You’ll also want to set boundaries with guests, letting them know what to feed and not feed for table scraps. Stay away from chicken and turkey skins and bones, sweets, alcohol, raisins, and onions. You can bring your own treats to give to guests who may be unable to resist the urge to give some scraps, or tell them to give tiny pieces of turkey—and set limits! 

Happy Hounds CBD treats can keep your dog calm and happy during the rush and commotion of social gatherings. Consider tinctures for longer events, adjusting doses based on size and the duration of the gathering.

Door Bells, Deliveries, & Reactivity

 With last minute shopping and express delivery options so common now, it’s likely you’ll have more doorbell ringing as the holidays grow closer. Try to add a note to not ring the bell if that is a source of anxiety for your pet. Large boxes, decorations, and gated off areas might be nerve-wracking. That singing animatronic Santa might take some time to get used to. 

Calm your dog's nerves during the chaos of wrapping with a CBD treat around 30 minutes before starting. Consider a tincture on days you’re expecting deliveries. 

Can CBD Help with Travel Anxiety?


Travel in general can be stressful—our pets are used to routine and longer road trips can sometimes bring on the jitters. Planes and airports should be conditioned beforehand as much as possible by visiting and training in their carrier, and make sure you’re familiar with TSA guidelines so you don’t run into any snags. Takeoff and landing can be a little scary, so use your tincture beforehand and a treat 30 minutes before the plane gets moving. You’ll want to bring some regular treats or some of their food as well. Try to limit water and food a few hours before you travel so bathroom breaks are minimal and so they don’t get motion sickness. 

Give calming CBD soft-chews during travel to create positive associations with the journey. Use tinctures for more extended trips for a more relaxed travel experience.

Staying Over a Family Member’s House:

Using CBD for pets when in new environments is crucial. Sometimes unfamiliarity can lead to stress and acting out. Prior to entering a new space, give your dog lots of attention and comfort so they can continue with confidence.  The Calm Peanut Butter soft-chews are the bone-shaped answer keep your dog at ease--especially in an unfamiliar environment.


Change in Your Pet's Routine:

Our dogs are likely used to a pretty regular routine. You wake up, go for a walk, and go to work. Even if you don’t travel, you may be out of the house more than usual doing your last minute shopping. Dogs with separation anxiety may experience a little more stress during this time. If you are traveling, your walk, the route might be different than you normally take, or they might be staying in a place that they are not used to. Dinner time may be at a different time, and they might be especially tired overall just trying to be a part of all of the excitement.

CBD can help ease your dog into new routines, providing comfort during schedule disruptions. Gradually adjust tincture doses when anticipating changes for a smooth transition.

If you are looking for a difference between the two in the Happy Pets Blog!

Treats vs. Tinctures: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Pets 

When to Use Treats:


Convenient during travel or when guests arrive, CBD treats  can provide a dose while acting as positive reinforcement for good behavior. Your dog or cat may like the taste of the treats better, and you can break them up to give to guests or family members. Both our peanut butter bone-shaped soft-chews and the tasty beef-based bacon treats containing 5mg of Full-Spectrum CBD to offer a range of benefits on top of reducing stress. 

When to Use Tinctures:


For routine changes or extended stressors, tinctures like our Calm Drops offer a more precise dosing with a faster acting effect for on-the-go or in the moment relief Integrate them seamlessly into your dog's daily routine by adding drops to their food or on a lick mat with peanut butter or on their favorite treats to maintain a sense of calm through the holiday changes. 

Observation & Response of CBD for Pets 

Administer CBD treats or tinctures well in advance of holiday activities. Consider, if this is your first time trying out CBD for your pet, to “practice” and observe a couple of weeks beforehand. Our holiday pet care bundle is the perfect opportunity to try our products before you need them. A dry run will give you peace of mind too, having one less thing on your to-do list or one less worry, knowing exactly how your pet reacts to their dose. Observe their response to both treats and tinctures (separately) to determine the optimal timing for their specific needs. Typically, tinctures take about 30 minutes to have an effect and up to 45 minutes for the soft-chew CBD treats. This proactive approach ensures a relaxed and happy pup when festivities start happening. 

The Details of Dosing Your Dogs for the Holidays 


Does weight matter?

Tailor CBD doses to your dog's weight. We recommend 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds, which is about 1 treat per 50 lbs. Always start with a lower dose and gradually increase if or as needed. Our CBD products come with clear dosing recommendations to make the process easy for you or the people looking after your pet. 

When to Re-administer Calming

If holiday festivities extend over several hours, be prepared to re-administer CBD. Keep an eye on your dog's behavior, and if signs of stress reappear, a small additional dose may be beneficial. Our treats make adding an extra dose easy, and you can keep them right in your pocket!


This holiday season, empower your dog to be their best and at ease through proper CBD dosing. Whether it's the excitement of guests, the chaos of travel, or the more subtle shifts in their every day routine, finding the right balance ensures your pup enjoys the festivities stress-free.

Explore our range of CBD treats and tinctures to make this holiday season a harmonious, festive, and anxiety-free experience for your pet.

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